Delicious Organic Sweet Potatoes Delivered Fresh And Warm!

Organic beginnings for an organic snack company!

San Francisco Sweet Potato started by bringing a friend some extra sweet potatoes on the way to work. He liked them and handed them out to his coworkers. Then, when I would stop by they would ask me if I brought any sweet potatoes with me. They liked them so much I started making extras and bringing them with me. Mostly because I like seeing people happy enjoying something I’ve made.

I started wondering if I could start a healthy snack company specializing in sweet potatoes. So I asked if I could bring them in everyday for a couple weeks and see if it was something they would like on a daily basis. They all said Yes! After a week they stopped me, told me to forget the trial thing and to “keep em coming! we love em!”. They are the most nutritious snack we can find and they are delicious.

I then started on my quest to find out all I could about running a sweet potato snack company. Licenses, the right ovens, connecting with the right farmers. It’s been a joyful and wonderful experience. So thanks to all my customers and all of the encouragement I have received along the way! It means more to me than you’ll ever know! Roger, The Sweet Potato Guy!

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Great Morning Treat

Local California Farmers

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Healthiest Snack on Earth
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